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Moving Inventors

Because successful teachers are made largely by their experiences I have created numerous opportunities for my students to try out teaching methods and curricula. Each academic course has a practical component giving students real hands-on applied learning experiences. This practice helps students develop understanding for the needs of all their students, empathy for differences’ and practical skills for handling difficult situations. 

Moving Inventors was created as  a hands-on research and training laboratory, where dance education students could hone their skills and develop pedagogical expertise. The Moving Inventors community program, sponsored by the Department of Dance at ASU served as an effective training ground for dance pedagogy, fostering in-depth practical inquiry and access to University personnel and technology resources rarely found in K-12 schools. 

Curricula created in the Moving Inventors program has been widely disseminated in publications and national and interrelation conference workshop sessions. They include: 

Aussie Adventures

Flower Power

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