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Vicky Shick

The dance world employs varied media in preserving and documenting the fleeting image of a dancer’s performance of movement and the intangible work of a choreographer.  Dance utilizes video, film, notation systems from around the world, text, photos, writing, and reviews to capture a moment of creative art making. The need to notate and preserve current choreographers’ works is vital, for without it, our small growing library of documented works will cease to exist.   As advocates for documentation and preservation, Valarie Mockabee and Mila Parrish, created a process-based CD-ROM and Labanotation score involving multi-media aspects. While in the moment of creation, we documented a newly choreographed work by Vicky Shick.  Shick, a leader in the NYC dance community for the past 30 years as performer, choreographer, and teacher. As a member of Trisha Brown Company (1980-1986), she received “Bessie” Award for performance. She is has been actively choreographing, teaching and performing throughout the United States and Europe.   

Powerpoint PDF of the Inside the Process presentation

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