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Meaning is Fluid--David Dorfman

Over a 4-month period a community partnership was formed between Arcadia High School, Arizona State University and New York Modern Dance choreographer David Dorfman. Dorfman brought together a diverse population of students creating an original dance titled “Here.” His community building approach is based on personal reflection, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, genuine caring, respect, and honesty. In this essay, I illuminate Dorfman’s pedagogical practice and look at teaching methods employed in relation to the pre-service teachers philosophy of teaching. Learning modalities discussed are motivation, professionalism, authentic expression, and, personal connections. Driven by their own experiences and perceptions, dancers discussed vital issues affecting them, these conversations became the springboard for Dorfman’s dance making process. This work presents an understanding of community partnerships in K-12 dance education and points out that a socially responsive constructivist methodology can transform K-12 dance teacher education by celebrating the importance of student voice and culture in dance making. 

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