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Ahead in the Air: Aerial Dance

This residency program worked with 120 students from Round Top Elementary School. Our 5-day workshop focused the investigation of the geometry of space challenging students to admit their fears and to trust others in collaborative dance.

In Aerial Dance, you use every inch of the space around you stretching, bending, twisting and soaring in space. This workshop focused on helping children investigate the geometry of space encouraging students to admit their fears and to trust.   Commitment to investigations in space, Ahead in the Air, teaches children how to take the initiative, admit their fears and to trust themselves and one another.

Aerial Dance enhances students physical confidence and employs creative problem solving strategies to support community building.  Participants create relationships in space which a blend of dance, movement analysis, and environmental awareness. The choreography draws on aerial, vertical and horizontal movement made possible through responsive partner-work, collaborative trust, climbing and rappelling. Participants explore the relationship between movement and gravity while stimulating creative problem solving strategies.

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